Wittenberg University Faculty and Staff Members Recognized by SOCHE

The Strategic 俄亥俄州 Council for Higher Education (SOCHE) will honor six Wittenberg employees with 2020-21 Excellence Awards. The winning three staff members and three faculty members will be promoted by SOCHE throughout the 2022 calendar year.

Academic and human resources officers at each of SOCHE’s member institutions submitted names of faculty and staff members who demonstrated excellence in teaching, 服务, 奖学金, 2021年全年评估.

Wittenberg faculty members selected include Stephanie Eveland Parrott, 化学客座教授, who will be featured in February; Cherie Rebar, 护理学教授, who will be featured in June; and Cynthia Richards, Veler教授英语, 谁将在7月被推荐. 被选中的工作人员包括卡罗尔·尼克森, 人力资源高级助理总监, who will be featured in April; Joi Garrett Scales, 副主任, 职业运营和学生就业, who will be featured in September; and Michell Wilke, 校园参观协调员, 招生办公室, 谁将在11月的节目中亮相.  

SOCHE will honor a total of 71 Excellence Award recipients from across 22 member institutions from January through November of 2022 with approximately six-to-seven winners being highlighted each month via SOCHE social media channels and on the SOCHE卓越奖 网页. The full list of award winners and their supporting information is available 在这里.  

SOCHE是高等教育合作的地区领导者, 与大学接触, 大学, and the industry to transform the economy through the education and employment of nearly 200,俄亥俄西南部的1万名学生. 详情请浏览 www.soche.org


Eveland Parrott joined the Department of Chemistry in fall 2019 and has al读y made significant contributions in her tenure. 除了教授几门新课程, she successfully navigated the challenges of pivoting to remote and hyflex teaching while providing guidance to the rest of the department in these endeavors. 另外, 埃夫兰指导过暑期研究生, 成立了一个妇女与科学读书会, 担任化学俱乐部的顾问. 她是本月SOCHE的特邀嘉宾.

Nickoson’s warm demeanor and depth of compassion for people has consistently been seen by the Wittenberg University campus community in both her prior student involvement role and now in human resources. Nickoson was described by a colleague as one who “approaches everything inquisitively to best understand circumstances and to gather as much information possible from all sides. She is quick to learn and easily transitions into the many roles she must juggle in human resources.” Her work with both students and employees has been recognized as stellar. 今年4月,她将登上SOCHE的特辑.

Rebar, 护理学教授, joined Wittenberg’s newly established department in August 2016. 学生和同事称赞她对学生成功的承诺. 她称自己的目标是准备课程, 课程, 以及为学生提供的最新活动, 以证据为基础的, 并适用于当前的护理实践. 让她的课程有针对性, 例如, 她最近为她的学生开发了一个远程健康练习. A colleague wrote in support of her teaching excellence that “Rebar capitalizes on each student’s liberal arts education by connecting nursing education concepts to 课程 taken, 否则就会被夺走, 在威滕贝格读书的时候. This fosters a sense of holism in the ways in which nursing students approach patient-centered, 循证护理实践.在她的成就中,里巴尔是 Medical-Surgical Nursing: Concepts for Interprofessional Collaborative Practice这是一本流行的医学外科护理教科书. 她将于6月登上SOCHE的特辑.

Richards embodies the best of Wittenberg’s faculty in creative teaching, 尖端的奖学金, 以及对学校和斯普林菲尔德社区不懈的服务. Recipient of the 2021 校友 Association Distinguished Teaching Award and Omicron Delta Kappa Award recipient, 理查兹教授一系列课程, 她的研究兴趣包括18世纪文学, 妇女和性别研究, 玛丽•伍, 和教育学. 前捷克富布赖特学者, she was recognized with an innovative course award in 2003 by the American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies. She passes her light in the classroom and community not only by sharing her expertise in critical theory and literature, but also by making those challenging subjects both relevant and compelling. 正如一位校友所分享的. Richards was the most amazing professor during my time at Wittenberg. She was so passionate about writing and literature that I continually channel that passion when I teach my own students.理查兹将在7月被SOCHE推荐.

Garrett Scales is described by colleagues as an exceptional employee at Wittenberg University, 有很强的职业道德. “She is a reliable team player who focuses on providing excellent 服务s to students. Garrett Scales has the ability to develop relationships with students and employees, 由于她的倾听和沟通能力.虽然她在威腾堡的任期并不长, she has al读y established a good rapport with students and colleagues, because of her confidence and professionalism when interacting with others. 她将于9月登上SOCHE的特辑.

Wilke is described by her colleagues as “the ultimate representation of welcome. ‘Grace under fire’ is a phrase that could easily be used to describe how she works at the front desk in the Office of 入学 every day. She positively and calmly manages and maneuvers each in-person visitor, 电话, 电子邮件, 和请求. Wilke is genuine and always present to help a prospective student, current student, or colleague. 她真的是招生部门的一颗耀眼的明星.威尔克将在11月被SOCHE推荐.



Wittenberg's curriculum has centered on the liberal arts as an education that develops the individual's capacity to think, 读, 精确地沟通, 理解, 和想象力. 葡京会app致力于积极主动, engaged learning in the core disciplines of the arts and sciences and in pre-professional education grounded in the liberal arts. 以葡京会app的师资和教学质量著称, Wittenberg has more 俄亥俄州 Professors of the Year than any four-year institution in the state. The university has also been recognized nationally for excellence in community 服务, 可持续性, 还有校际运动. Located among the beautiful rolling hills and hollows of 俄亥俄州斯普林菲尔德, 威腾堡提供100多个专业, 未成年人和特殊项目, 令人羡慕的师生研究机会, 一个独特的学生成功中心, 接近国内外的服务和学习选择, 杰出的体育传统, 成功的职业准备.